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Regulation & Suitability

We provide investors with access to compelling alternative investments. All are carefully selected for their potential to deliver better returns than traditional mainstream investments.

Some of the investment products we promote fall under the remit of the FCA and some of them do not. In each and every case we will always explain why regulation is needed or not when we present the opportunity to our clients. Some of the investments we present to you will have tax-free advantages or protection through the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme). In each case these benefits and implications will be explained to you. Before presenting an opportunity to a client, we would always conduct a suitability evaluation process first. This process will uncover and evaluate whether the investment is suitable to you in terms of:

  1. Risk – how risky the investment is.
  2. Proportion of capital required – whether the investment requires a large percentage of your net-worth.
  3. Investment timeframe – if the investment will have a negative impact on your financial position of the investment timeframe is longer than initially forecast.
  4. Effect of loss of capital – whether the loss of the capital invested will have a dire effect on your financial position.
  5. Location of intended investment funds – if the funds intended to be invested are from an important or unsuitable source such as your mortgage account or a credit card.
It is only when we have evaluated the suitability of the investment that we would present it to you. If our evaluation of suitability results in uncovering that the investment is not suitable for you, will would discourage you from proceeding any further.


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