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We provide investors with access to compelling alternative investments. All are carefully selected for their potential to deliver better returns than traditional mainstream investments.

This varies depending on the alternative asset class although, typically, the entry levels for our alternative investment opportunities range from £2,000 to £10,000.

UK Assets Group has structured our remuneration based on a fee or commission paid to us out of the profit or income that is generated by our clients’ successful investments. If you do not make a profit, we do not charge a fee or commission. In all cases, our fees or commission rates will be discussed with you in advance of your decision to invest.

This varies depending on the asset class although, typically, most of the investments require a holding period of 2 to 3 years and, in some cases, longer. We would always advise you as to the optimum holding period to allow for maximum capital growth in advance of your decision to invest.

We endeavour to provide regular updates to our clients’ portfolios although, in some cases where an investment has a maturity date in one or two years’ time, for example, and no update on progress is required, we would still provide an update as to the health and progress of a client’s portfolio at least once a month. Alternatively, we are always keen to receive a request for an update either by telephone or email

Our investment philosophy is quite simply to maximise the potential for capital growth and opportunities for income for each and every client. Our approach is cautious, calculated and strategic.

Part of the process to ensure that our clients acquire the most suitable alternative investments is to understand their attitude towards risk in one of the initial conversations that we have with them. Based on this information, we would then tailor the opportunities to their individual specifications. If you specify low risk, this would then be a prerequisite of our alternative investment selection process for you.

Absolutely! In fact, we would not consider working with a client without first obtaining a full understanding of their personal investment objectives.

We are not a tax advisory firm and do not manage our clients’ taxes so you would need to obtain specialist advice from a third party regarding your taxes.

If we identify the potential for loss in your portfolio, we would first notify you and discuss the potential impact on your finances. In some cases, an extended holding period could reverse the losses which, again, we would discuss with you. If a loss is unavoidable, we would look to exit you from the investment as soon as possible and make up the losses from other areas of your portfolio or through reinvestment strategies.


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